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Friday, March 16, 2012

Uberdroid's first post!

Hi whoever reads this!  What are you doing reading this? 
I have 3 projects I'm working on --all apps using AGK which can be deployed on iphone, ipod, Android, Windows, Mac and more.

Haunted Mini Golf.   I'm finished with 16 levels.  Well not really.  At least 2 of those are mini-games which aren't set up and right now there's no way to keep score or know if you win or lose.  But everything works! 
So far it's got:
boney hands, spiders, the ball, the hole, rolling skulls, red eyes, fog, ghosts, pits, obstructions (for 3d effect), um... And some other stuff... oh a ghostly floating chair..  Did I say spiders?  Electricity that zaps you..

A music making app that I'm going to release for pads.  It has no way of recording but hey neither does a Korg Kaossilator!

Starbase Defense
I knew I would have use for my Captain Zero ships someday...For me the most fun part of the game was watching your wingman fighters dogfight with the enemy fighters.  So I thought why not make a whole game where ships dogfight.  You don't control them you just buy them and stage them.  Still working out the details but the graphics are done and most of the code.  I'm excited about this one!

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