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Monday, January 19, 2015

Wow it's really been almost 3 months?

For Captain Zero I've been doing some tech demo kinda stuff for multiplayer, and working on setting up orchestral music for it.  Here's the result of my first afternoon with Miroslav Philharmonik virtual instruments:

Scifi soundtrack attempt

I use this:                                                  

And this:

I love the orchestral sounds from Miroslav, and Abstractor is my favorite modeling vst synth.  When listening, picture an orchestra, a conductor, and among the brass and strings, picture a guy with a keyboard and lots of knobs and wires... some little round steampunky glasses wouldn't hurt either.

Not me.  Just some guy who comes up when you google image search "steampunk keyboard player"

Also: I'm no longer in Memphis, TN.  I'm in Glendale, CA!  I love it here.  For one thing it was 84 degrees today with a low of 57 vs 56 with a low of 37.    

Any how as I settle in more I'll get back to Captain Zeroing I promise.  

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