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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Once again it's been a while...

In the original Captain Zero, I had friendly ships.  Fighters or "wingman" ships, cruisers, and super cruisers (the Condor).

I just got the team ai working so ships will target and attack anybody not on their team.  All I have to do is plop a ship down --any ship-- and set its "team" variable to 0 and it's on your side.  If I wanted to get really fancy I'd have some sort of variable for each team of "faction" for how much the ship hates or likes that faction and have it target accordingly, but this isn't Mercinaries or Fallout.  It's got good guys and bad guys and really bad bad guys.

But your wingman fighters need to do more than just target and fight other team ships in ways indistinguishable from any enemy ship.  They need to form on your wing and take orders similar to ships in Wing Commander.

The old wingman ships could do the following:

  • Form on my wing.
  • Attack my target.
  • Engage at will.
Not too fancy, but there is some work involved. 

There's something really satisfying about watching my guys dogfight each other.  It's almost more fun than playing.  If I could make a game where you just set up these space fights and let them go it would be great in itself.

Another thing I'm trying to incorporate in Captain Zero is something I've never seen in a spaceship shooter game before:  Magic.  I know spaceships and magic aren't entirely new, but you just don't see them very often.

There's a largely untapped area of possible fiction that combines sorcery and supernatural with science and space travel.  I've only seen it in a few movies:  Event Horizon, Ghosts of Mars, Hellraiser 3, Final Fantasy the Spirits Within seem to do this pretty seemlessly..  Not only are you on frigging MARS but there are ghosts!   In Final Fantasy the line that answers "How did they survive the journey across space?  ... They DIDN'T" (scary music here) gives me the creeps in a good way.  Space Ghost?  Haha well maybe not...

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