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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Golden Krone Hotel and my Zombie Ray Casting Construct 3 Template

Golden Krone Hotel and my Zombie Ray Casting Construct 3 Template

Playing Golden Krone Hotel and it's kicking my ass! 

Those FN Snakes!  It had to be snakes...  But because it's a Roguelike in the truest sense, it always feels like I could have just done something a little different --which keeps me coming back.  When playing on normal and not playing very well, it has addictive feel of pulling a slot machine lever.  Just. One. More. Try...

The soundtrack is immersive and the game just *feels good.  Solid.

I was turned on to it by RogueLike Radio episode 138.

They interview the creator Jeremiah Reid.

It's hard to believe this started out as a 7 day Roguelike.  It seems really big in its scope.   The idea of making a Roguelike that fast with any kind of complexity at all.. I find somewhat intimidating.  Ill have to check out what the 7 day RL was like....

I didn't have to wonder long, because the original 7drl release is still available right here:

...And it's not at all comfortingly incomplete.  It's a really complete and playable game with the light and dark vampire mechanics in place.  It's a fantastic for a 7drl. 

Anyhow it inspired me to get to work on SOMETHING, because I've been really non-productive game wise the past few weeks.

I'm still working on my Construct 3 RayCasting game template which I would like to release on the Scirra store.

I'm making a zombie shooter as a template with indoor and outdoor areas.   Just walls.  Very old school ray casting.   Pretty cool for a 2d engine though.  

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