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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Captain Zero: The List.

What's done:

Ship movement, scrolling, anim. *right now it's top-down static scrolling.  I'm
Template Layout.  Space Effects

zooming according to nearest enemy distance

Twin blaster weapon

Hud with  scanner, shields, armor, direction finder

Explosions: small, medium, particle

3d Spinning, physics
large decorative background asteroids
Add asteroids function.

enemy fighter.1
Picks target, turns toward then away.  Shoots small blaster 1 shot per second when pointing at target

What's Left?

Star --flare, lense flares, volumetric lighting effects**DONE
3d star-map, navigation, effects
10 Planets
10 locations that aren't planets
4 secret locations (via wormholes)
random encounter generator
enemy wave system
2 more protectorate fighters
5 protectorate bosses/capital ships
spaceworm, cruiser
Kanek (main boss battle)
confed fighters
2 confed capital ships
confed transport
confed cargo
confed starbase
civilian starbase
protectorate starbase
worm holes

twin blaster 2, 3, 4,5
5-way blaster 1,2, 3,
laser railgun*, 1,2 3  (aiming)
shotgun 1,2,3
electro 1,2,3,

special: ubershield, circling drone, homing missles, super bomb, blowback bomb, double quad dammage, cloak, comet shield, blowback shield , energy trail

main menu
options menu
upgrade menu -confed starbase
upgrade menu --civilian starbase
upgrade menu --alien ship
armor 1-2-3
shields 1-2-3
engines 1-2-3
turnspeed 1-2-3

money mined from ships/ asteroids
Survival/arcade mode
Survival high score/leaderboard


cosmetic ship upgrades --different ship models
extra damage from behind

MULTIPLAYER deathmatch

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