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Monday, September 28, 2015

Bob's Discount Dungeon!

OK deep in the catacombs of the graveyard of broken dreams that is my hard drive, there's a game I started a while back called March of the Bobs.  It's kind of a reverse turret defense game where you protect these black squares with eyes and legs marching from one side of the screen to the other.

I really like the character: Bob, and I always wanted to make a simple Rogue-like adventure game. Of course, it's never simple.   To make a Rogue-like you need to make a crap ton of items, monsters, random dungeon generation, combat, weapons, spells, potions, etc. But I've got 2 things going for me: 

1. The enemies are based on the "Bob" template.  A 32x32 basically black square with big eyes and a couple of stubby legs sticking out the bottom.  This means all the monsters are going to be based on this Bob-o-morphic pattern.  A Skeleton (a staple of rpg monsters)  becomes a Skelebob... There are BatBobs, MummyBobs... WareBobs and of course BobCats.

2. I've got the random dungeon code pretty much done (geon).   Heheh see what I did there?   To switch the dungeon theme all I have to do is switch the animation name the walls and floor use along with some parameters.  So "outdoor grass" uses the same code as "dark stone catacombs."

3. I've got a theme:  "Discount."  It's going to be really really market based so shopping is important.. I can add many things that support that theme:  Coupons, Fire Sales, Dickering... etc.  Crazy Bob's is hacking and slashing (prices)!    

(more to come... still editing)

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