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Friday, July 22, 2016

Misconceptions Gamers have about Non-Gamers

1.  Non Gamers exist.

Every demographic plays games.  If you think there's a group of people who don't play games... please refer to that last sentence.  This is what those articles mean when they say "Gamers are dead." It means there's no special counter-culture that exclusively plays video games anymore.  We all play games.  EVERYBODY PLAYS GAMES.  Everybody isn't in some "gamer" subculture...but they play some or other games.

Yes, she grew up playing games too.  Just like you (and f%$ing everybody else). Get over yourselves.

2.  Gamers are not the "Main Stream"

I don't have to look far on the internet to find someone whining about the mainstream media "being mean to gamers..."   Since as everybody knows, games are the biggest selling form of entertainment, they're not some put-apon minority counter culture... they're the loud heavily funded majority.  

So much so that anyone who dares criticize anything about them can expect a crowd with the on-line equivalent of pitch forks and torches at his or her door overnight.

3.  People think gamers are sexist, violent assholes. (And we must correct them all the time)

Who are these people? 

Nobody thinks gamers are sexist violent assholes.  Some gamers are, some are not.  Just like plumbers, or golfers.  Nobody is running around persecuting gamers.   "Gamer" is not a race, sexuality or skin color.   It's a lifestyle choice for sure.  We're not an oppressed minority.  If anything, we are a coddled majority used to getting instant gratification on demand.

OK enough ranting.

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