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Friday, January 13, 2017

Let's Make a Roguelike!

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Let's Make a Roguelike / With Construct 2

If you look at my post in September entitled, Bob's Discount Dungeon, I was working on a Roguelike game with procedurally generated dungeons.  I have since become obsessed with procedural generation and "the making of" Roguelike games, so much so that I made a simple tutorial about how to make a random maze with a guy walking around in it with a line-of-sight shroud and everything. It was linked to in RogueLike News.

Making a Roguelike is, among other things, an exercise in procedural generation.  You're making something that MAKES things.  So I took it one step further than that.   I'm making a book that tells people how to make something that makes things.    I'm on about page 80 now well into my first step by step walkthrough.

Here's part of the introduction:

Then I go on to tell what those are:

1. Random level generation.
2. Permadeath.
3. RPG character advancement. Resource Management (see my later blog post)

To me it boils down to simply go to Steam, or, and type "Roguelike" in the search engine, then observe what the results tend to have in common. It's those 3 things.

Anyhow back to work...

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