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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Obama Vs Devil Chickens v 1.1

OK Took a break from Let's Make a RogueLike to finish a game I started a couple of years ago called Obama vs Devil Chickens.

Basically I saw that iconic Obama skeet shooting picture, and thought Hey why don't I make a game out of that!   I opened up Spriter, used lots of images and added a bunch of weapons and power ups and stuff and came up with Obama Vs Devil Chickens.

I released it on Obama's last day in office, and now after some feedback I've updated it adding a pause / continue option that saves your game position so when you can start where you left off, even if you close the browser.  I also fixed a couple of bugs and added AutoLoader and clip increases from Joe Biden if you activate him.

Controls are simple just point and shoot.  Hit an ammo box to reload unless you have auto loader, and shoot coins and chickens.  Shooting coins increases a red line on top that allows you to get better weapons and activate Joe Biden.

Anyhow Enjoy.  (click link below to play)

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