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Monday, August 11, 2014

Battlecruiser, Back Story, and Space Junk.

I've been working on the Protectorate Battlecruiser... The Protectorate of Kanek are the main bad guys.  The story is coming together in my mind, but I don't want to be too specific.  This is first and foremost an action arcade style game.  There's a little bit of "space adventure" thrown in, but overall the story should be the player's story, not my story.

Protectorate Battlecruiser

This is why they not only didn't have, but didn't allow a "Doom Bible" and I don't want any cut-scenes.  That's not to say I don't have a back story in mind.  The player was a decorated war hero who reached the Confederation of Planets' rank of Captain 7 --the highest rank possible, but then left either in disgrace or disgust and found work as a pilot for hire.

Because of a new threat from a large fleet of ships whose markings and communications indicate they're called the "Protectorate of Kanek" you are re-instated in an unofficial capacity and get your ship back but without any numerical rank, hence the name Captain Zero. Also you must outfit your own ship with weapons.

Doom was one of the first if not the first video game I ever played where the dead creatures bodies stuck around.  If you killed a bunch of imps or demons in a room, the bodies piled up instead of fading away leaving a clean floor.

Those bodies are there for good. No magic cleaning.

So for all my ships there are several sets of pieces called "space junk" that end up floating around after the ships have been destroyed.  Here's the resulting "space junk" from the above battle cruiser.  The pieces float apart drifting slowly, randomly in space.

What's left of the Protectorate Battlecruiser when you're finished

How cool would it be if you had a massive bullet-hell arcade style battle and destroyed tons of spaceships and pretty soon there was debris flying everywhere!  No more exploding or fading out of existence. There are consequences for your battles! 

...And here is the result so far:


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