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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Haunted Minigolf

One of the few games I actually sort of finished was Haunted Minigolf:

It's 18 holes using basic physics and creepy looking layouts.  Some I created from scratch in 3D World Studio, and others I mashed together from old photographs and atmospheric effects.   

This is a great example of what happens when I use assets from an older game attempt and make a new one.  The older game is something I made about 13 years ago called Cemetery Cat.  
Cool eh?

It had some nice imagery and a cool concept --but I couldn't get it to go anywhere as a game.  All I could come up with was you're collecting roses to put on the correct graves-- but no matter how much stuff I crammed into it, it never felt like a coherent game, so I gave up.

I was looking at the graves, fences, bricks, fog etc I made for Cemetery Cat and thought, "you know what IS a coherent game? MINI GOLF..."  So I made a mini golf game out of it.  And Voila Haunted Minigolf was born. Took a while, but born none the less.

Hole 1.  Boo!

The Creepy Attic hole... One of my faves  Par 2.

Any how I "dug up" this game (so to speak), and submitted it to NewGrounds.  Please check if it's still "Under Judgement" and go judge it OK?  I'll get back to Captain Zero now I promise!


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